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    Cheryl M. Jefferson

    As you look at the picture above, you may notice that the surrounding appear rough and ragged.  Take a look at the pavement and see that it is weathered and worn, pretty much like our lives at times. But if you look ahead to the beautiful horizon, you will realize where you are headed is peace and freedom. Please allow me to travel with you on your journey to assure you arrive there safely and joyfully.

    Hello! I am Cheryl M. Jefferson, MSW, LISW, a Professional Mental Health Counselor, and EMDR Trauma Therapist, who specializes in Marriages and non-marital relationships, as well as individuals suffering from Anxiety, Depression & Traumatic events. I am asking you to allow me the opportunity to share my gift of compassion for the wounded, as well as my clinical knowledge of counseling to join you on your path to healing. I am sure you will discover your purpose, your strengths, and your belief in yourself as a valuable person who refuses to allow barriers to derail you from your freedom. Also, you will learn that you are Strong and Resilient! Your suitcase of life will be packed with readiness, courage, and determination as you will acquire the skills needed to prepare you for healthy future travels. I look forward to our Journey II Freedom Counseling life-altering road trip. We will transform the mountain tops of your life together to experience the optimal view!